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Eau de Chypre

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In the realm of fragrances, a chypre stands bold,

A genre loved by some, despised by others, we're told.


With endless paths to explore, it takes a daring heart,

Our creation embraces its roots, a chypre work of art.


Patchouli, moss, and bergamot, the pillars of its core,

Powdery and animalic undertones, a tale to adore.


Yet with a touch of peach, Bulgarian rose, orris tincture,

Mastic resin, osmanthus, opopanax, an olfactory mixture.


But hold, there's more, a uniqueness to behold,

In each bottle, 100% real oakmoss, a story to unfold.


Over time, it intensifies, a crescendo of allure,

If you can resist, that is, before it all evaporates pure.

Top: Peach, Italian Bergamot, Argentinian Lemon

Heart: Bulgarian Rose, Rose De Mai, Patchouli, Powdery Notes, Orris Root Tincture

Base: Oakmoss Absolute, Tonka Bean Absolute, Vanilla Absolute, Siam Benzoin, Mastic Resin, Osmanthus, Spanish Labdanum, Birch, White Musk, Opopanax, Haitian Vetiver, Virginian Cedarwood, Castoreum, Animalic Notes

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