Here at Aromas de Salazar, we are commited to making the highest quality fragrances.

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  • Cafe Collection

    Here is where you will find my most adored fragrance material. The smell of coffee is dear to my heart and was something i found comfort in growing up. Now you too can experience the ethereal and evocoative smell of coffee in many unique and high quality fragrances.

  • Pure Collection

    Here is where you will find fragrances concentrated to 50%. Not for the faint of heart. We made them at 50% so that the natural materials they contain can get to shine. Each fragrance in this collection will focus on one or two main materials that you will get to smell the many characteristics unfold. This is an exciting collection

  • Oud Collection

    Oud is something that is either loved or hated by many. It is a material that is easy to love and hate as it has so many different variations and defining characteristics. But here in this collection, we explore the different facets and aspects of a glorious material.