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Choco Oud

Choco Oud

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Choco Oud

Chocolate has always been somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. Very seldom have I come across anyone who doesn’t like chocolate. Just the thought of chocolate cake or a chocolate bar can bring people smiles. It is often times used as a gift for say Valentines day to show love and affection. Chocolate is also known to improve function and can cause a relaxing effect on the brain. The opening starts as a sweet and earthy mix of honey and coconut that draws you into the heart of the fragrance which is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. And did I mention chocolate? Like a freshly sliced cut of chocolate cake, it gives the sweetness and bitterness from the cocoa absolute that we all love and know. The butter is a SC02 extract that helps add depth and creaminess to what is already decadent. Then finally you are left with the dry down of a sweet sweet Oud and ambergris that will leave you wanting to sniff it more and more. This fragrance is as addictive as a brand new box of chocolates. You will be wanting more and more.

Top: Jasmine Sambac, Honey, Coconut Pulp SC02

Heart: Rose Absolute (Bulgaria), Chocolate Cake Accord, Cocoa Absolute, Butter C02

Base: Oud, Ambergris, Cashmere, Patchouli, Ozonic Note


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