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Fancy Tansy

Fancy Tansy

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This is one that has been a lot of work to get the formula perfect. The mixture of naturals from the orange, tangerine, blue tansy, and moroccan rose mix to make a deep blue color that shows the potency of what our fragrances are all about. The mint and citrus opening gives a resounding freshness. The dry down takes you to the heart of the fragrance. With the floral aspect of the tansy that is pungent and intoxicating. Mixed with the playful aromatics of pink peppercorn and slightly woody clearwood. Perfectly resembling class and sophistication. Then the base with cypress wood and musk round out the entire scent to a sensational aroma that can please even the most stubborn fragrance lover.

Top: Mint, Orange Essence, Tangerine, Bergamot

Heart: Blue Tansy, Hedione, Pink Peppercorn, Clearwood

Base: Cypress (Spain), Sandalwood, Amber, White Musk


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